Coronavirus Notice for Clients and Candidates

In It Together

Updated Monday 13th July

At Johnson Underwood, we are renowned at getting back to everyone who has sent in their CV to us. We have a backlog of CVs from candidates who have sent theirs in during lockdown. We will read them and if we have suitable roles will be in contact; if no roles are currently suitable we shall keep them for 12 months.

As ever, we will never send out your CV without your consent. For candidates sending over CVs to roles where they have no relevant experience, which is high volume at the moment, we cannot reply asap, but again we will keep your details for 12 months. With all of our roles at JU, unless stating otherwise, you do need relevant experience for the positions, unless otherwise specified i.e. trainee or role with training. If you are interested in changing your career, research which qualifications you will need and go for it! 😊

Just because you quite keen to look at a role you have never tackled before does not mean you will be allowed to do it; whatever the role. We can assure you, we will never have on our vacancies, “if you do not hear from us, you have been unsuitable for the role” as we just do not believe in treating people this way because you are a person not a number. Get your CVs up to date and have valid experience recorded on them…we are “in it together” at JU; keep safe everyone.


Johnson Underwood Are Open and Ready for Business.

Updated Monday 1st June 2020

We are pleased to announce that we are now open and ready for business. Appointments at the office will be strictly by appointment only. 

We have been supporting our clients on the RM6160 framework throughout the lockdown.

We have furloughed the temps that we can and we have had key workers working as temps, which really plays to our strengths of helping people.

The next 12 months at least, will be strange times. The world is in recession, but this time it seems the government wants to help. Johnson Underwood have been through three recessions and it’s not great, however, many companies will survive and indeed flourish, such is life and many will fold or decrease their workforce.

In recruitment we will go through the usual, we can recruit ourselves, millions of unemployed and yet the cost of actually doing this is not factored in. In our experience the use of Temps helps whilst companies look to come out of this. Not only are temps the bedrock to our economy – well the good ones are, and we only send out good staff; it also helps cashflow and protects you from the need to recruit and let people go, if you have to.

So, to our highly valued clients, we are here as ever to help; you have preferred terms anyway; let’s get through this together.

To other employers out there looking to recruit; if you need proper deliverable recruitment, use us and you will feel safe in the knowledge that we know what we are doing, we have safe guards in place and we are not here for an easy buck!

Remember we have access to thousands of candidates not on the old-fashioned database and the awful mass job boards around, but people and their families we have known for 30 years; we know how good they are and they trust us to only find them jobs with great companies.

Regardless of who you are, size or industry, you need to count on those you can trust and above all; you can trust us.

However, rather than us being yet another agency banging on your door when really you do not have the time, let us know what you want from us and we will put individual packages together, personal to your business and business needs.

We have put together a questionnaire to provide us with a better idea of what Johnson Underwood can do to help you and what your business needs are with regards to recruitment

Either complete this questionnaire or email us direct to And we’ll be back to you; we promise.

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