Johnson Underwood believes in championing local talent, particularly young and inspirational people making their mark locally. We are delighted to announce that we are supporting a major independent arts, heritage and community project which focusses on Northampton and Corby’s New Town heritage, “60 Miles by Road or Rail”. The original theatre production previewed in 2018 and this year, it returns for a full production in October. Alongside the production, there are community and heritage activities happening throughout the year in both Northampton and Corby.

Heritage Communicator (Northampton) Hometime Project

Fee: £750

Community-led engagement,

6 sessions, May, and June; Tuesdays evenings 6pm – 8pm

Exploring different people’s stories of migrating to Corby, creating a new piece of work, be it a book, an exhibition, radio play…..translating and communicating academic and technical information to participants; recording all of the research which will be shared on the project’s website. Knowledge of local history would be useful, excellent communication skills and a passion for the project would be ideal.