Super new role with leading charity, tasked to improve the care and social provisions for our aging population, who have much to offer, but often find themselves falling through the cracks re support and subsequently become isolated and forgotten.


Working with multi agencies and stakeholders, you will be responsible for developing an effective and practical plan to deal with these issues; working with other charities, GP surgeries, the NHS and the people themselves; asking for their input all along the planning process. You will be their champion.


You need to have superb communication and administrative skills; be super organised and understand the challenges especially relating to funding within the world of charities and non for profit organisations. You need to be engaging and persistent and robust!


It is a lovely role, yes challenging, but so rewarding when everything comes together to bring the outcomes needed.


Mondays to Fridays 28 – 30 hours a week.


Must be driver to attend meetings with partners and stakeholders.