Stay Well at Work this Winter; Let’s Talk Flu

The Public Health team at Northamptonshire County Council is urging people to get their flu vaccines booked in as winter approaches, but why does this affect me? Flu is a highly infectious viral illness which can lead to complications, hospital admissions and even death. The infectious nature of the illness means that flu is easily…

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How Playing the ‘Blame Game’ effects Mental Health at Work

The idiom of kicking the cat, which we never liked any way is returning, although we suspect it never really went away and is becoming more prevalent within the workforce. This is when someone, in an attempt to protect their own job and position blames others for any mistakes that are happening however small. This…

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Employment References

Let’s Talk Legal

It is such a shame that so many legal practices are still in the dark ages in relation to staff recruitment and development and how they view themselves. At the end of the day they are service providers and hopefully good providers, offering expertise and guidance; but legal people are still just people, they are…

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